How to contract Rakuten Mobile with free of use 1 year and 30000 points ?

Rakuten Mobile
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I contracted Rakuten Mobile in October last year!
I am using without any problems!
– Previously I used IIJ.

Rakuten Mobile seems to have many benefits!
Free of use for one year
Bonus of Rakuten for about 28000 points
It is very attractive, isn’t it?
I want to know how to contact without mistake!

If you have such wish, this article perfectly fits your needs.

This article is based on when around October 2020.
Therefore, please check the latest situation such as support area.

Benefits of starting Rakuten Mobile

Rakuten Mobile is having campaign up to 26,000 points. 
Official site

The detail of points is as follows:

 - Up to 20000 points for each smartphone purchases
 - 5000 points if you use "rakuten link" app
 - 1000 points if you join with someone's introduction
   If you want me to give code of introducer, please use this code "T6whbKznZHN9".
   It is limited to the first 5 customers.

Rakuten Mobile started another campaign that you can get more 2000 points if you contract after joining campaign which is collaboration with Rakuten e-navi which is credit card page.
You need application! No automatic joining!
Until 2021/02/01
– Campaign FAQs here.

Rakuten Mobile seems to have more additional 2000 points.
Until 2021/02/02 8:59!

Before I used IIJ MVNO and I switched to Rakuten Mobile because benefits is very attractive.

Support area

My home is in Seya ward in Yokohama city in Kanagawa prefecture.
Here is planning to be included in unlimited capacity area end of 2020.

Here is not unlimited area yet…

The latest area information can be found here.

通信・エリア | 楽天モバイル

Other than the Tokyo metropolitan area, there are covered by partner who is KDDI.

Unlimit area expanded, but there is still more.

Purchasing process

Before purchasing, I strongly recommend to backup your data like following.
 - Photo and video data
   Backing up to Google Drive or iCloud would be good.
 - LINE/whatsapp data
   Now LINE has official method via Google Drive.
   Official site
 - Contact information
   It should be backed up to Google account for Android or iCloud for iOS.

Buying Oppo A5 2020 gives you 20000 points.
This is 20019 JPY, almost equals with points.

I decided to buy OPPO A5 2020 because balance of price and benefits are good.

OPPO A5 2020 | スマートフォン | 楽天モバイル
OPPO A5 2020(OPPO)の製品紹介。楽天モバイル専売モデル(Android)の購入はこちら。価格・スペック・特長ほか

I don’t want to change the phone number.
So I requested MNP number from IIJ.

For IIJ, you can apply from this site.
I received an email with MNP number within 1 day, very quick!

Let’s visit go to Rakuten Mobile page.
Please click “お申し込み“.

Choose “プランを選択する“.

In this page you are asked to select optional services.
If you need something, choose it here.
– I didn’t select at all.

Please select nanoSIM or eSIM.
nanoSIM fits OPPO A5 2020.

As mentioned earlier, I selecte OPPO A5 2020.
The stock seems to be enough, and it comes soon.
– In my case only 2 days!
If you want another model, choose it.

The color is “ブルー” which means blue, and the memory as “64GB“.

Choose “一括価格” to pay whole price by 1 payment, and choose “購入する” to proceed to buy.

As of January of 2021, please select “カートに追加する” to add your shopping cart like this.

スマホ交換保証プラス” means “Free of getting new one in case your smartphone is broken or lost” which is subscription service by 650 JPY per month.
This option is selected automatically.
In my case I don’t need this option so unselected.
If you need it, you can leave as selected.

Choose “選択を解除する” to unselect “スマホ交換保証プラス” option.

Since I don’t want any accessories, I skipped this screen and proceed “この内容で申し込む“.

I uploaded an image of my number card for identification documents and selected “次へ進む” to go to next.

If you are not Japanese, you need to upload residense card.

Please follow instruction shown below.
First select “書類画像をアップロードで確認” to upload your residense card.
– Select “表面を読み取る” to take photo of surface of residence card.
– Select “裏面を読み取る” to take photo of back of residence card.

If you want to retry to take photo of residence card you can select “もう一度読み取る.”

If you are ready, select “次へ進む” to go to next.

Oops… my wife failed to upload residence card, so I switch to be verified when messenger comes to deliver OPPO A5 2020 by selecting “受け取り時に自宅で確認“.

If you select this option, you need to prepare your residence card to show messenger to identify.

In my case I want to keep current phone number so I filled MNP number in this field and selected “他社からの乗り換え(MNP)
– Filled current phone number in “電話番号
– Filled MNP number provided by current provider in “MNP予約番号“.

In case of my wife she selected to request new phone number by selecting “新規番号を取得“.
And also you can choose your new phone number from 3 options.
After selecting them please click “次へ進む” to go to next.

Then you need to check how/when to deliver SIM card and smartphone.
Please select “ご登録された住所に配送” to deliver your address registered to Rakuten.
You can select when to deliver in narrower range.
If everything is OK, please scroll down.

At the middle of page you need to check how to pay for smartphone and monthly fee.
If everything is OK, please scroll down.

You need to select if you want to use your Rakuten point to pay.
If you want to use all Rakuten points please select “すべて使う“.
If you don’t want to use, please select “利用しない“.
Also you can input Rakuten Mobile ID of whom you are introduced.
After filling Rakuten Mobile ID, don’t forget to click “適用する”.

You may uncheck both checkbox to proceed.
– They are for registering mail magazine.
If all contents are OK, please click “申し込む“.

You are asked to confirm carefully, please check again.
If you checked you can click “この内容で申し込む” to apply.

You need to check both checkbox then click “同意して申し込む“.

You need to check checkbox then click “同意して申し込む“.

You are able to leave unchecked, click “同意して申し込む“.

You made it!
The application is complete and you can wait for delivery of SIM/smartphone!

Opening the box

I received a smartphone and SIM card in about 2 days.

Simple packaging.

Let’s open and start using.

You can perform the opening procedure with my 楽天モバイル.
Please click “申し込み履歴” to check your SIM status.

MNP開通の準備が整いました。「転入を開始する」ボタンを押してください” means “preparation is ready, please click <転入を開始する> to transfer from your previous provider (like IIJ) to Rakuten Mobile“.

Choose “転入を開始する” start the transfer.

On my 楽天モバイル, it shows as follows.
準備中” means “now it is on progress“.

Since I could not communicate with using Rakuten Mobile SIM card, I tried returning IIJ SIM card and changed to Rakuten Mobile SIM card again, and then I could use it!

Please be noted that to get 5000 points you need to satisfy 2 conditions by the end of next month.
– Talk anyone more than 10 seconds by Rakuten Link app.
– Send more than 1 message by Rakuten Link app.


How was it?

The official website is here.

Up to 27000 points until 2/2 8:59, and 1000 additional points when introduced by someone!