How to assign fixed IP address to Lightsail instance?

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Let’s assign fixed IP address to instance Lightsail!

I am sure you are interested in having your own blog page running on AWS because you are here! Let do it together!

The whole setup procedure is shown in below article.

I assume you already have AWS account that links your Amazon account.
Although you don’t have, don’t worry, getting account is very easy, so get it!

Getting and assigning fixed IP address

Let’s do it right now.

Go to Lightsail management console.
Select instance.

Choose Networking.

Choose Create static IP.

It is OK to Create without changing anything.

Okey! Fixed IP address is assigned to proper instance!

Let’s confirm IP address was assigned correctly by accessing http:// <IP address>/

It is OK if it is displayed as follows!


How was it?

This time that’s it!

The next step is shown by this article about obtaining domain name!


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