Can embedded engineer earn if he/she continues blog of software for 3 months? 


約 19 分で読めます。

3 months has passed since I started this software specific blog at 11/08/2020.

 I am interested in earning by blog whose theme is software.

Can I get PV ? Can I earn as side work?

 If you have similar unclear points, this article completely meets.

As a conclusion you should start immediately because software engineer matches blog writing!

After reading article you will know how is blogger like after 3 months. 

 Why I started blog?

 In 2020, COVID-19 pandemic suddenly came.

I was forced to work at my home and could reduce commuting time. Then I decided to do something other than main business.

 At that time there is trend of side work.
– Selling, Youtuber, Programming, …
Of course blogger is one of side work which we can start immediately.
I like writing article, so I decided to start blog.

But currently there are many blogger, so I thought “With no strategy I cannot survice.”Then I focus on embedded linux which is my speciality.

I decided to make my blog theme as Raspberry Pi because I had Raspberry Pi Zero W.
Of course there would be lots of time to write article because to write article of Raspberry Pi needs some software related stuff.
However Raspberry Pi is sold all over the world and very popular among software geeks, so there should be demands.

And I am better at English compared to average Japanese, so I expect to get more PV if I write English articles as well as Japanese ones.

How is the result? 

 How many articles?

 This table shows total articles at 02/08/2021.
– Excluding this ariticle itself.

Month  JapaneseEnglish Total 
 2020/11 8 816 
2020/12 6 6 12
2021/01 8 8 16
2021/02 10 0 10
 Total32 22  54

 As a whole, I have written 1 article in 2 days in average.

Writing software specific article needs performing programming, installing, creating some scripts, so this pace is suitable for me. 

How many PV? 

 I displayed PV trends by Google Analytics.
PV of January is 701.
Around new year most of people were in their home, so PV was higher than usual.

This PV volume is moderate, isn’t it?
Between 20PV and 30PV in a day.

This is table which categorizes by language of articles.
The PV of English article is not as many as my expectation. 

month Japanese English total 
 2020/1146PV15PV 61PV 

 This categorizes by how user arrived to my blog.
– The number of session.

monthOrganic SearchTwitterFacebookDirect, others total 
2020/11 212121541
2020/1288342127 170
 total46694 80 154 794 

 I usually announced in Twitter/Facebook about new article post, but session of them are not good as expected.
I guess my blog theme does not matches these SNS.

Session from Organic Search is increasing guadually!

Someone may think,

 You are performing something to meet Google SEO, aren’t you?

 But I haven’t done anything about SEO.

And then this proved software engineering blog has value to someone who uses Google or other search engine.

How did you earn? 

 Google adsense

 Please see below graph.
– I was certified at 12/22/2020.
Now is middle of February, but pace is clearly bad😇

I predicted that I cannot earn money from blog, but I realized I cannot earn at all😇
There is usual which I earn 0 JPY in a day.
My running cost is below, so it is deficit!
– AWS: 900 JPY, Google Domain: 120 JPY (if devided by month)

But according to other blogger we can expect that PV/benefit will be higher gradually, so I go on blog at least 1 year! 

 Amazon associate

There have been no performance yet…

I guess I cound not locate link effectively.

So I need to improve. 


There have been no performance neither…

To paste affiliate link without no strategy makes no sense because no one clicks.

 What I learned

There are many access to article which is specific error solution or specific theme, but withdrawal rate is also high.

 I realized above assumption after seeing access log provided by Google Analytics and Matomo Analytics.

On the other hand articles for beginner are not high PV.

I can guess below. 

 - Beginners don't come my blog very much.
 - Engineer who has clear purpose comes when he/she has trouble.

 But withdrawal rate is also high.
– Highest rate is over 90%.
This is big loss.

 I try to improve below points.

 - To increase withdrawal rate of article which PV meets expectation.
 - To increase PV article which PV is expected more.

 What to do next

 I will perform below countermeasure to improve.

Continue posting new articles

Currently total post is less than 100, and I have some topic which can be article.
So I continue posting new articles!

I aim increasing PV by performing above.

Improve withdrawal rate from which PV is expected but withdrawal rate is unexpectedly bad

There should improve to perform below countermeasure.
– Putting internal link at proper location
– Adding article which visitor wants to know after reading certain article.

Increase PV of article which PV is unexpectedly low

This kind of article is not seen from anyone and does not meet what visitor wants to know.

They should change their title, contents to dramatically improve.

 To you who want to start blog life

 If you are engineer and thinking about starting blog life, I recommend to do as you want.

Reasons are, 

 - No risk because nothing to lose
 - High possibility to give value to visitor
   Engineering topic is usually valuable
 - Utilize problem solving skill which engineer has


Initial cost to start blog is about 3000JPY(less than 30USD) and 1000JPY(less than 10USD) for every month.

Even if you are too busy to write article or you don’t feel comfortable when you are writing blog, you can discontinue blog. That’s it.
– Actually this blog page is the third challenge.

And also, engineering topic is itself very valuable becase everyone (including me) doesn’t want to fail to do something.

So if you post article which describes how to do it without any mistake, you can give value to someone who doesn’t want to fail. 

Furthermore, engineer has high problem solving skill.
– If there is bug, he/she investigates to find root cause.
– If performance is not good, he/she looks why performance is not good.

These kind of mind how to solve problem is very useful for performing blogger life.
– Why PV doesn’t grow even if this article is my best one…
-> Establish assumption and verify if it is true or not.


 How was it?

Income is not expectedly high.
But usually bloggers give up around a few months because they will conclude “I cannot earn”.
So, if we survive the barriar of continuing more than half year or more, the possibility to succeed by blog will be high.

If you are interested in how to start blogger life, the below article can be good reference to you!
Let’s get started! 


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