Changed my mind to use Joplin on Nextcloud

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Until last month I have used Nimbus Note for my todo list.

Nimbus Note is good application.

 - 420JPY -> 440JPY
 - 440JPY -> 560JPY
 - 560JPY -> 840JPY

The price got twice in less than 1 year!

I decided to use other todo application…

My trend is to store my own data on my own host.
So I searched how to store on my Nextcloud.

This is just FYI.
– Moved from OneDrive to Nextcloud.

I found Joplin supports to be hosted on Nextcloud.


This is my Joplin application running on Linux on Chromebook.
The layout is,
– Notebook which have several notes
– List of note
– Markdown of note
– Preview of note

Preview automatically updates when you edit Markdown.
You can synchronize by Ctrl+S, it’s easy!

Configuration of Nextcloud

You can find application on Nextcloud like this.

You will be able to find by searching “joplin”.
You don’t need to think configuration, just install it.

Configuration of client application

I use Joplin application running on Linux on Chromebook.

I also have option to use Joplin provided by Google Play.

I tried both and decided to use Linux application.

You can paste clipboard by Ctrl+V.
 - Ex: screen shot
You can check preview because preview automatically updates when Markdown is updated.

You can install by this one liner command line.
If you want to check before running script, you can do it!

wget -O - | bash

Open Options.

You just need to input your Nextcloud configuration, that’s it!

If you use 2 factor authentication on your Nextcloud you need to create additional password.
You can find from official document how to do it.

You can also find from my post.

Nextcloud WebDAV URL is https://<domain>/remote.php/webdav/Documents/Joplin
In this case data will be stored on Documents/Joplin directory on Nextcloud.

That’s all for configuration!

In my case I stores todo item which needs consideration like,
– Vacation plan
– Financial plan
– etc

On the other hand, todo items which I need to do are managed by Microsoft Todo.
– Going to dentist
– Buying something at supermarket
– etc

This is up to you.
You can try various tool and find the style which is suitable for you.


How was it?

Someone has similar requirements that data should not be stored on public cloud like OneDrive/Google Drive!


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