Review of SeaHorse, HACRAY bone conduction headphones

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I work as software engineer, and work at my home most of all weekdays.

I also like to work with old gaming BGM.

For now I used Galaxy Buds+ but I bought bone conduction headphones!

HACRAY SeaHorse 骨伝導イヤホン Bluetooth 5.2 [ 2台同時接続マルチポイント 最大12時間連続再生 IP68完全防水 8GBのメモリ内蔵 (約2400曲) ノイズ低減通話 ] HR22325 (ブラック) 【国内正規品】
HACRAY SeaHorseは、水中でも使える最高等級のIP68と8GBの内蔵メモリを搭載、12時間の連続再生が可能な骨伝導イヤホンです。ワークアウトやランニングなどのアクティブな使用に最適です。軽量な本体で長時間の着用も快適に行えるため、オンライン会議や家事の最中など1日を通して使用できます。日常にBGMをプラスす...

In bone conduction headphones market Shokz is most popular, isn’t it?
I tried electronics store but this is too tight for my head, I felt a bit unfortable…

Then I decided to buy this one.
About 11500 JPY.

Housing and inner are very simple, I like it.

This is charger cable which isn’t USB-C.
This original cable may help for water proof.

This is what I wear.
This is not tight so I feel comfortable.

This is pros and cons.
I could use with Microsoft Teams.
– Shokz has some issue with Microsoft Teams…

- Phisycally loose
- Good to use with Microsoft Teams
- Multi point function implemented
  When computer sounds, then headphones automatically connects
- Long battery life
  Maximum 12 hours
- IP68 compatible, washable by water

- Sound quality isn't exellent
- Sometimes feels tickles because headphones moves near ears
- Rapid charging not supported

I personally feel this product is good because I can hear voice from wife and son.
Neck speaker is too heavy and my sholder became tired, this headphone is very light!

This headphone is IP68 compatible and has 8GB memory, we can swim with it.
– Sea water, hot water are not guaranted to use.

Honestly sound quality isn’t good.
I couldn’t hear deep bass sound almost at all.

But it is no problem if you use for meeting.

Rapid charging isn’t supported.
So if you use while commuting and meeting at office, battery may be empty at evening.


How was it?

It should be strong benefit if you want to use with Microsoft Teams!



I am Japanese software engineer having over 15 years career in embedded system software.
I have worked for designing/quality assurance products which has embedded linux.
I love Raspberry Pi.
I am also interested in stock market.
I married Hong Konger as international marriage.

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