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 Let’s setup your own cloud storage with nextcloud on Raspberry Pi 4!

Let's have your own cloud storage with nextcloud!That can be installed on Raspberry Pi 4 easily! I want to own ...

How to resolve if you cannot access nextcloud by domain name ?

This article shows the countermeasure if you face the error "Access through an un trusted domain" by nextcloud. Here you can see the file and location to be modified, so you can resolve it without any mistake!

How to introduce two-factor authentication to nextcloud on Raspberry Pi 4 ?

Let install 2 factor authentication in nextcloud on Raspberry Pi 4! It prevents cracker from logging in your nextcloud in case your password is stolen. You can complete 5 minutes, let's start it!

How to build own storage with Raspberry Pi 4 ?

Because of discontinuing unlimit capacity of Google Drive, there are people who want to prepare/use their own cloud storage that is never managed by GAFAM. This article shows how to setup nextcloud on Raspberry Pi with many images/figures. Let's struct your own cloud storage with this article!