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How to use Raspberry Pi Imager on Windows10?

This article shows how to flash OS image to your microSD by using Raspberry Pi Imager! There are many images so it is very easy to complete without any mistake!
Raspberry Pi

Let me introduce my setup.sh which is available for Raspberry Pi 4!

This article introduces setup.sh that can be used for setup of Raspberry Pi ! With this script you can finish boring setup only by 1 command! You can copy and use, or customize!
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How to set OnAccessPrevention true in clamonacc on Raspberry Pi 4 ?

This article shows how to resolve problem that clamonacc in clamav doesn't work if you set "OnAccessPrevention" as true. Here you can also see the disadvantage if you set true, so it is helpful if you are thinking about introducing it.
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How to suppress clamd using 100% when running clamonacc ?

This article shows how to resolve problem that clamonacc in clamav run uses CPU up to 100% because it always scans even if target file is not create nor overwritten. To fix it we need to download source code and rebuild clamav. Here you can see all commands which you need to run it, so you can easily introduce into your system!

How to install TLS certificate on Raspberry Pi 4 by using ZeroSSL?

This article shows how to setup HTTPS server by apache2 on Raspberry Pi, which certificate is issued by ZeroSSL who is rival of Let's Encrypt! It is very easy to create certificate because almost all operation can be done by GUI! Here you can see many images for each configuration screen, so you can do it!

How to resolve if you cannot access nextcloud by domain name ?

This article shows the countermeasure if you face the error "Access through an un trusted domain" by nextcloud. Here you can see the file and location to be modified, so you can resolve it without any mistake!

How to introduce two-factor authentication to nextcloud on Raspberry Pi 4 ?

Let install 2 factor authentication in nextcloud on Raspberry Pi 4! It prevents cracker from logging in your nextcloud in case your password is stolen. You can complete 5 minutes, let's start it!

How to enable HTTPS on Raspberry Pi 4 ?

This article shows how to activate HTTPS encryption. You can activate HTTPS without any mistake because here you can see many scripts and screen shots!

How to install WAF mod-security on Raspberry Pi 4 ?

Does your Raspberry Pi have "Web Application Firewall"(WAF) ? This post shows how to install "mod-security" which is one of the most famous WAF. Your server will be safer than now by using WAF as well as antivirus!
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How to set up real-time scan by clamav on Raspberry Pi 4 ?

This article shows how to setup clamonacc in clamav. clamonacc is for real time scanning software included in clamav. You can try it with this page because here shows commands/scripts which is used to setup. Do it and secure your Raspberry Pi to be more safe!