How to fix unexpectedly rotating image file on WordPress?

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Recently my uploaded image files are rotated unexpectedly.

Then I fixed by referring this web site.
– Japanese geek

The point is to use EXIF information in image file.

[WordPress] スマホで縦向き撮影した写真が勝手に横向く(回転する)問題 | IT女子のお気に入りフォルダ

This is source code added in functions.php.
Point is from switch ($orientation) parts.
– I just referred above site sample…

function rotate_uploaded_image_file($file) {
    if ($file['type'] == 'image/jpeg') {
        $image = wp_get_image_editor($file['file']);
        if (!is_wp_error($image)) {
            $exif = exif_read_data($file['file']);
            $orientation = $exif['Orientation'];
            if (!empty($orientation)) {
                switch ($orientation) {
                    case 8:  
                    case 3:
                    case 6:
    return $file;
add_action('wp_handle_upload', 'rotate_uploaded_image_file');

This is official API guide of PHP.

PHP: exif_read_data - Manual

And we need exif extension to use exif_read_data().
Please visit my git commit for more detail.

Added exif extension for correct orientation of image file. · kurofuku/wordpress-container@eae9ddf
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In some internet site there is plugin to resolve this problem.
But in my environment it didn’t resolve. 

Image Rotation Repair
The Image Rotation Repair plugin simply fixes image orientation based on EXIF data. This is primarily a patch for mis-or...


How was it?

I got bored to fix rotating manually, so I automated! 


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