How to install fcitx5-mozc on Manjaro Linux


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This article is note for myself.

I installed Manjaro Linux(GNOME) on my laptop and installed mozc which is Google Japanese Input for Linux.
I faced some issues during installation then I noted here.

First of all I installed Manjaro Linux as usual.

This page provides an overview of Manjaro Linux, an open source operating system designed for ease of use. Learn about i...

Then these packages need to be installed.
I took a few days to notice fcitx5-im is needed for Firefox/Chrome.

sudo pacman -Suy
sudo pacman -S fcitx5 fcitx5-configtool fcitx5-mozc fcitx5-im

Next step is to add mozc to input options.


Uncheck Only Show Surrent Language.

Then you can select mozc and .

Move to Global Options and input key pattern which you want to use to switch language input method.
In default there are 3 patterns but I don’t need then I removed 2 patterns.

Adding environment variables.
If this doesn’t work then using fcitx5 may solve.

sudo vi /etc/environment
export GTK_IM_MODULE=fcitx
export QT_IM_MODULE=fcitx
export XMODIFIERS=@im=fcitx

Or you may configure on user configuration file.

mkdir -p ~/.config/environment.d/
vi ~/.config/environment.d/fcitx5.conf


I used to set these environment variables on ~/.xprofile but it didn’t work because recent GNOME or other modern desktop use Wayland instead of X11.

You can check if you use X11 or Wayland.

wayland # If you use X11 then "x11" will be displayed

Please log out and log in again then you should be able to use like below.


How was it?

I could find similar article then I posted here!


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