Amazon Linux

Moved this website from bitnami to nginx/php-fpm/mariadb

This website was made on 2020 November and running on bitnami on LightSail. Recently I got this warning. - PHP update re...

Resolved dnsmasq low performance

I use dnsmasq which is open source light weight DNS server. However I am a bit irritated its slow performance when acces...

Review of Nextcloud Mail

A few months ago Nextcloud Hub was annouced and Nextcloud Mail as well. This post is what I introduced Nextcloud Mail. A...

How to setup CloudFront to WordPress on Raspberry Pi 4

In this site I am hosting blog which theme is vacation/airbnb. I installed CloudFront of AWS in front of this blog site....

How to setup your original domain name to apache2?

Let's setup your original domain name to apache2 running on Raspberry Pi 4! I believe you are interested in hosting your...

How to resolve if you cannot access nextcloud by domain name ?

This article shows the countermeasure if you face the error "Access through an un trusted domain" by nextcloud. Here you can see the file and location to be modified, so you can resolve it without any mistake!