Anti Virus

I setup clamav as virus scan server from other device.

I found that clamav daemon accept virus scan request from outside as well as from localhost.This article is how I d...
Anti Virus

Do we need to choose real-time scanning by all means on Raspberry Pi?

Most of you are using clamav for antivirus solution to Raspberry Pi, right? In this article, I will share my tho...
Raspberry Pi

 How to deal when non malicious file are reported by Rootkit Hunter?

I received this email after installing Rootkit Hunter. I concluded they are not malicious files but detected...
Raspberry Pi

How to install Rootkit Hunter to Raspberry Pi 4? 

I installed Rootkit Hunter which is app for detecting rootkit! Antivirus is not enough for secure server, is it...
Amazon Linux

How to install mod-security which is WAF to Lightsail?

I installed mod-security which is one of most famous WAF(Web Application Firewall) to Lightsail.I unexpectedly stru...
Anti Virus

 Let’s setup your own cloud storage with nextcloud on Raspberry Pi 4!

Let's have your own cloud storage with nextcloud!That can be installed on Raspberry Pi 4 easily! I want to own ...
Raspberry Pi

How to switch SSH login method from password to public key authentication? 

I am sure you know usual authentication is password base.If you change to public key authentication, you can avoid ...
Raspberry Pi

How to switch user from “pi” to original user on Raspberry Pi 4? 

Raspberry Pi OS has default user as User name: pi Password: raspberry If you use Raspberry Pi 4 only in home ...

How to activate HTTPS on WordPress on Lightsail?

In this post there is procedure how to activate HTTPS on WordPress running on Lightsail. You can do it without any mystake because here you can see all commands to be done!
Anti Virus

How to set OnAccessPrevention true in clamonacc on Raspberry Pi 4 ?

This article shows how to resolve problem that clamonacc in clamav doesn't work if you set "OnAccessPrevention" as true. Here you can also see the disadvantage if you set true, so it is helpful if you are thinking about introducing it.