My inquiry became pull request for clamav.

Anti Virus
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At that time I posted inquery to clamav bugzilla because I found storange behavior.

This is my inquery in Bugzilla.

I received email which mentions below.
I totally forgot because 2.5 years has passed.😅

Sorry for missing your inquery.
I have just read your post and I can agree.
Then I created pull request to main branch.

This is email.

This is pull request.

clamonacc - use modify and open exec marks by m-sola · Pull Request #917 · Cisco-Talos/clamav
Clamonacc currently scans files when they're read and when they are written to. These were the options available when fa...

I hope this will be merged.


How was it?

I feel very interesting because I may be able to contribute open source software!


Copied title and URL