Orange Pi 5 Plus case review

Orange Pi
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In this article I have introduced how to assemble Orange Pi 5 Plus.

I bought new case and would like to have performance review.

This is how it is assembled with Orange Pi.
Heat sink is made from aluminum, very light weight.

This is wrapping.

This is inside wrapping.

There is no user’s manual but very easy to assemble.
I got good point that there is 1 backup screw/nut.

This is comparison result.
– Room tempareture: 32 celsius

#IdleCPU 100%
Current case4568
This case4466

There are little difference so I use current case because current case protects from outside…

If heat sink is copper then result would be interesting.

This is how to show tempareture.

echo $((`cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp|cut -c1-2`)).$((`cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp|cut -c3-4`))

This is how to make CPU high workload.

openssl speed -multi `grep processor /proc/cpuinfo|wc -l`


How was it?

This summer would be very hot, wouldn’t it?


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