Raspberry Pi

How to switch SSH login method from password to public key authentication? 

I am sure you know usual authentication is password base.If you change to public key authentication, you can avoid spoof...
Raspberry Pi

How to switch user from “pi” to original user on Raspberry Pi 4? 

Raspberry Pi OS has default user as User name: pi Password: raspberry If you use Raspberry Pi 4 only in home Wi-Fi, it i...

How to setup your original domain name to apache2?

Let's setup your original domain name to apache2 running on Raspberry Pi 4! I believe you are interested in hosting your...

How to filter popular_list in Cocoon by tag id?

This blog page uses "Cocoon" as theme, which is famous in Japan. I added function to this theme so that we can show "pop...

 I really recommend Chromebook for blogger life!

Do you know Chromebook?It makes us to post new article easily, lightweight(both physically and performance), battery cap...

Can embedded engineer earn if he/she continues blog of software for 3 months? 

3 months has passed since I started this software specific blog at 11/08/2020. I am interested in earning by blog whose ...

Let's start blogger life with WordPress on Lightsail!

This article summarizes how to establish your blog server running on Lightsail which is one of service privided by AWS! Monthly cost is about 10 USD, very cheap, so this is recommended those who has skill Linux. I put all images/commands to be run, you don't need to worry about anything!

How to activate HTTPS on WordPress on Lightsail?

In this post there is procedure how to activate HTTPS on WordPress running on Lightsail. You can do it without any mystake because here you can see all commands to be done!

How to fix redirecting xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx.xip.io when accessing Lightsail's WordPress?

This article shows how to resolve redirecting xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx.xip.io with command to be run!

How to get original domain name and assign to Lightsail?

This post shows how to get your original domain name and assign to your Lightsail instance! You can choose paid domain name or free domain name, I recommend paid one because it is about 1 USD per month!