How to accelerate WordPress


In this article let me summarize how to accelerate WordPress.

System architecture


You can find from my github.

GitHub - kurofuku/reverse-proxy
Contribute to kurofuku/reverse-proxy development by creating an account on GitHub.
GitHub - kurofuku/wordpress-container
Contribute to kurofuku/wordpress-container development by creating an account on GitHub.


Target is Nginx.

This is explained by this article.


Accelerating this part.

This is explained by this article.


Next is WordPress.

For WordPress you can see by this post.

Also I did applying WebP.
This drastically improved for mobile environment which improved 200%!


This is mysql database for WordPress.

Yes, you can find what I did.

microSD -> USB HDD

I switch to use USB HDD instead of microSD.

This article explains.

From TCP socket to Unix Domain Socket

I switched to use Unix Domain Socket which is generally faster than TCP socket.

This article explains how to do it.

Applying 64bit OS

 I decided to use 64bit Raspbian.

You can find how to do this.


Finally I moved to M.2 SSD from HDD.

This article explains how to.


How was it?

You can take some of improvements independently. 

No need to do all at one time!


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