How much for having blog site of LightSail/AWS?

Amazon Linux

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I posted this article because I was surprised cheap cost of this blog site!

I have interest to blog.

Domain name should be my own original!

But of course cost/fee should be low.

If you have such thought, this article matches you because I disclose munthly fee of this site!

System structure/PV per month

This blog site is working on LightSail which is one service of AWS.

Here is whole picture of system structure.

Amazon Linux 2 is on LightSail instance, then installed WordPress.
– Actually WordPress package is available so you do not need to install it.
LightSail has DNS server so it is compact in a good sense.
I bought domain name from Google Domains.
– Reference: How to get original domain name and assign to Lightsail?

In average PV is about 70PV per one day, 1800PV in May. 2021.

Total cost and detail

You can see below table of cost I pay for this blog site.

#To whomMonthly feeMemo
1AWS – LightSail3.85$3.5$ + tax
2Google – Google Domains1$12$ per year

Anything else?

No, that’s it!
Currently server maintenance cost became cheaper than years ago…

AWS – LightDail

LightSail costed totally 3.85$.
– Tax is 10% in Japan

Because I selected cheapest plan.

If you need more power/storage/RAM because your blog site needs to process more PV, you need to cotract upper spec plan, but at the start line you are OK with minimum plan.
As you can see CPU power has much buffer to burst.

Google – Google Domains

Domain name is 1$ per month.
For more detail about getting original domain name, below article is useful.


How was it?

You feel “it is cheap more than expected”, don’t you?

If you are interested in having your own blog site, let’s go there!

I am using chromebook for blog activity.
You can buy Chromebook from 300$, I very recommend it!


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