Performance improvement of WordPress by accelerating mysql


As mentioned by this tweet, I am interested in accelerating web service.

In this article I accerelated mysql which is database of WordPress.
I performed benchmark before and after.

You can see where it is.

Other improvements are in this article.

How to accelerate WordPress
In this article let me summarize how to accelerate WordPress. System architecture You can find from my github. Nginx Tar...

What I did

I made some configuraiton files in /etc/mysql/conf.d/.
– Memory size should be customized to align your machine spec.
This is to cache query contents.

query_cache_size = 32M
innodb_buffer_pool_size = 256M

After making this file don’t forget to restart mysql.

Before vs after

I use this article image which runs on Raspberry Pi 4 as “Before”.

I measured with below condition.

- Using LightHouse in Developers Tools of Chrome browser.
  Checking Performance only
- Taking median as representative(n = 5).
- Measuring on secret tab of Chrome.

<—Mobile Desktop—>

<—Mobile Desktop—>

Mobile improved 4 points, Desktop did 7 points!


How was it?

This can improve much with small work!

You can see other improvements.





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