How to use Raspberry Pi Imager on Windows10?

This article shows how to flash OS image to your microSD by using Raspberry Pi Imager! There are many images so it is very easy to complete without any mistake!
Rakuten Mobile

How to contract Rakuten Mobile with free of use 1 year and 30000 points ?

Do you want to start using Rakuten Mobile with free of use for 1 year and the benefit of up to 28000 points? I showed how to realize them with many screen shots and explanation. You can do that without any mistake!
Access Analysis

How to use Matomo Analytics in WordPress ?

I continue to introduce how to use Matomo Analytics! With it you can pick up topic how you can improve user access to you blog page!
Access Analysis

How to install Matomo Analytics in WordPress ?

This article shows how to install/use Matomo Analytics which is one of the strongest rival of Google Analytics! You can manage access analytics data by yourself without passing data to Google!
Linux Kernel

The list of zram parameters

This article shows all parameters of zram which is module of linux kernel. You can customize zram as what you want!

How log2ram works.

This article introduces log2ram that will help you to move /var/log/ from microSD/HDD to RAM! With this package the lifetime of microSD will be longer than now with ease!
Smart Watch

I recommend Withings Steel HR with confidence!

This article introduces Withings' smart watch "Steel HR"! I used about 2 years so I can tell you what is pros and what is cons! If you are looking for smart watch that does not look like smart watch, this article perfectly matches!
Raspberry Pi

Let me introduce my setup.sh which is available for Raspberry Pi 4!

This article introduces setup.sh that can be used for setup of Raspberry Pi ! With this script you can finish boring setup only by 1 command! You can copy and use, or customize!
Anti Virus

How to set OnAccessPrevention true in clamonacc on Raspberry Pi 4 ?

This article shows how to resolve problem that clamonacc in clamav doesn't work if you set "OnAccessPrevention" as true. Here you can also see the disadvantage if you set true, so it is helpful if you are thinking about introducing it.
Anti Virus

How to suppress clamd using 100% when running clamonacc ?

This article shows how to resolve problem that clamonacc in clamav run uses CPU up to 100% because it always scans even if target file is not create nor overwritten. To fix it we need to download source code and rebuild clamav. Here you can see all commands which you need to run it, so you can easily introduce into your system!